Established in early 2004, TSR began in Ohio, USA and put out 2 vinyl record lp releases by September 2004. The first TSR record was the 12″ vinyl version of the only full length CD from the legendary supergroup DODGIN BULLETS, titled “Earn Your Respect”. It was pressed on 4 different, limited edition colors (exclusively licensed from FACEDOWN RECORDS). The 2nd release was the 7″ record from BLOOD OF THE MARTYR, titled “Stand Or Fall”, out of Erie, PA, USA.

In June 2005, TSR was relocated to California, USA and placed under new ownership. Along with the relocation came a revitalized vision that TSR would not be limited to certain genres or styles of music. We know that God gives us all different talents to give Him thanks and praise, and for that reason we look to build a diverse roster of artists ranging from several different musical styles. With interest in the label and partnerships with other companies growing, the future of TSR seems as bright as ever.

Mission Statement:

As a multi- genre record label, artist development, management, local booking/ promotion and distribution company, our mission is to provide a Christ centered, Pro-Life and positive message through our music and merchandise to a world that is flooded with a culture of death, despair, and apathy. Without being bound to certain genres or styles of music, we want to help newer bands/ artists with the stepping stone they need to sign with bigger labels and further their careers. We also want to provide quality music and merchandise at an affordable price. Last, but not least, we desire unity and respect among all Christians, regardless of denomination. For the non-Christians who might be reading this, I would ask you to judge our music the same as you would any other kind of music. Though we might not agree on certain things, we can still respect each others opinions and beliefs and strive to make this world a better place. We stand for unity and respect.

STAY TRUE+ GOD BLESS!!- Phil “metalhed”- Owner, TSR


Currently, we do not have a PO box, so the best way to contact us is via e-mail to send demos and electronic press kits, links to your website, etc.

Bands/artists can send demos & electronic press kits to:

E-mail: [email protected]

Companies interested in placing advertisements/banners on our site can also e-mail us for inquiries. Our rate is $20 per month. We average over 500 unique visitors per month.

You can also contact us on:

Aim sn: TSRecords09


True Stance Records
Encinitas, CA 92024

Recently, the question I have been asked most is: “What kind of artists/bands are you looking for?”

Since we are more of a ministry than a “business” right now, the most important thing would be artists that are Christian, have a passion for youth, music, underground culture, and a dedication to the pro- life movement. The second thing is that, since we know that God blesses us all with different talents, we are open to most musical styles/genres out there, such as: Metal+ all sub- genres, hardcore+ all sub- genres, rock+ all sub-genres, acoustic, latin, industrial, techno/electronica+ all sub genres and rap/hip- hop.

We will reply as soon as possible if interested in working with you.