New website!!


Wow, where to start? I hope that whoever is reading this can spare a few minutes, because I am going to attempt to explain what has transpired in the past 2 years since our last update, lol.

1. Welcome to the new/ redesigned website¬†(version 3) and webstore courtesy of our talented Finnish friend, Miika Korppi (aka fusse), of Aatospaja web design!! We hope you enjoy the cleaner, simpler, smoother navigation, layout/ look and webstore that he worked so hard on and has been in development (aka “in my brain”) for over a year now. The need for the new/ redesigned website arose because our hosting provider got hacked and a malware virus was uploaded to their servers back in 2010, which in turn infected over 100 websites that were being hosted by them, hence the reason why there have been no updates to the site and it seemed like we disappeared off the face of the earth and the old site had all kinds of errors on it and the webstore. In addition, around the same time, (the service we were using to update the site at the time) decided to “stop supporting ftp publishing”, which also affected thousands of websites that used their service as well, leaving thousands of users without a method to keep there blogs/websites updated. Talk about a double whammy!!

2. Several financial and personal factors left me with no choice but to leave the site in the state it was in until recently, when I finally had the funds to find a professional web designer to help me clean up the mess that I was left with. As many of you know, TSR is basically a 1 man operation with occasional volunteers who believe in our mission statement and are nice enough to help out every once in a while. Contrary to popular belief, we are not some million dollar company with an office building (in my dreams maybe, lol). We are only barely in “business” as I post this. It is only by the grace of God that I was able to come up with the funds to get somebody nice enough to help me redesign the website at a reasonable price. I have been barely scraping by, selling several personal and webstore items through paypal, amazon+ ebay, since our webstore was not operational.

3. The extended time off has been a blessing in disguise, since it allowed us time to improve the ministry aspect of TSR through prayer, networking and several pro- life events. We are in the process of scouting new and talented bands and possibly expanding our social networking/internet presence. Big things will be coming soon, so I will make an announcement once everything is official.

4. As you may notice when visiting our new webstore, the Blood of The Martyr- “Stand Or Fall” 7 inch vinyl is now completely sold out!! You can pick up remaining copies from 1 of our distributors listed on our links page, which has also been updated. We might make this available digitally in the future if there is enough demand.

Stay tru+ God bless!!- Phil metalhed

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