Band: Dodgin’ Bullets

Title“Earn your respect”- 12″ Vinyl LP

1. 1,000 Daggers
2. Tomorrow The World Will Change Forever
3. Dear Friends
4. Innocence Attacked
5. Stand In Line Droid
6. Losing In Front Of Your Hometown
7. Whining Rage
8. Black And Blue Ego
9. Dodgin’ Bullets
10. Devil’s Jaw
11. Earn Your Respect
12. Armachristi II

Info: Released in limited quantity, colored vinyl. Colors are: Translucent green, translucent gold and marble/ splattered mixed colors (Blue, red and purple). Exclusively licensed from FACEDOWN RECORDS.

Year released: 2004

Catalog #: TSR-001

Band: Blood Of The Martyr

Title“Stand or fall”- 7″ Vinyl EP

1. The Mistake
2. When It All Began
3. Stand Or Fall

Info: Released in limited quantity, “Coke bottle clear” colored vinyl. Sold out!!

Pick up remaining copies from one of our distributors listed on our links page.

Year released: 2004

Catalog #: TSR-002  


BandThe Rise Of Faith

Title: “Beyond the valleys”- EP


1. The darkness of the valleys
2. Overcoming my failures
3. Open my eyes
4. Something inside
5. If when and where

Info: Released digitally online and in very limited quantity CD copies. You can download the debut ep on most digital retailers now:



Google play

Year released: 2012

Catalog #: TSR-003